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Commercial Cleaning Services and the Benefits of a Clean Office

Maintaining a clean office carries many benefits for your business, such as showing your employees and customers that they are important to you and that you are dedicated to creating an environment that is conducive to doing business.

Commercial cleaning services ensure that your office will be healthy, productive, and clean. But there are other benefits that come with keeping a professionally cleaned office - some are obvious and some a bit more subtle, but maybe just as important. Let’s take a look:

Physical Health

A study of ninety offices was published in May of 2012 and found the presence of more than 500 types of bacteria from twenty different bacterial divisions in the area. That sounds like a lot of sick days waiting to happen. There’s no doubt, allergens like dust mites and dander settle in to carpeting and upholstery over time, and bacteria can also settle on hard surfaces or remain airborne, allowing them to be breathed into the lungs. Commercial cleaning services provide a thorough cleaning that can remove allergens and bacteria from carpet and upholstery and can drastically reduce airborne pathogens. Also, regularly disinfecting bathrooms, kitchens, and desk tops will certainly reduce the spread of germs in the office and days your employees are out on sick days.

Mental Health and Stress

The average office worker spends about a third of their lives, or 50% of their waking hours inside the workplace. If the space they work in is dirty and in disarray, stress levels are naturally heightened which over time leads to disaffection with the job and reduced productivity. Working in a clean office creates a more relaxed environment which creates happier, more relaxed and more stress-free employees overall.

First Impressions

You’ve heard it since childhood- first impressions never die. First impressions tend to stick with you through your entire experience with an individual…or a business. Your customers’ perception of your business goes beyond products, services and pricing- it also includes their conscious and unconscious reaction to the appearance of your work environment and your employees. If you want to create an impression of your business as well-managed, trustworthy, reliable and organized, you’ll ensure that what they see is clean, neat and attractive. Commercial cleaning services will create that impression with reliable, effective and consistent performance.

Efficiency and Productivity

You and your employees have better things to do during the workday than worry about the office cleaning. An office that is dirty and in disarray will surely draw your attention away from the important, business-related goals you need to accomplish. A clean, orderly, professionally cleaned office allows everyone to focus their time and energy on mission-critical priorities. As a result, productivity cannot help but improve – the less time spent looking for important documents and other items in a messy office is simply more time that can be spent making the business more successful.

The busier and more productive your Detroit area business becomes, the more opportunities for office dirt and disorder. A skilled commercial cleaning service will take the hassle out of office maintenance and will give you and your staff more time to focus on the important stuff. Metro Detroit Cleaning Solutions provides commercial cleaning services in the greater Detroit area that specializes in maintaining large buildings. Call us today at (248) 952-8513 to schedule your free building audit and quote and find out how your office can sparkle and shine without getting your hands dirty!



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