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Metro Detroit Cleaning Solutions has been offering customized commercial cleaning solutions to our clients for over 20 years. We are the one call that brings it all! Whether your business is in downtown Detroit, Troy, Southfield, Auburn Hills, and any other area in Southeast Michigan, we'll work with you to find the cleaning solution that meets your needs. Our dedicated team at MDCS will work around the clock to ensure the service you get from us is always efficient, effective, courteous, and professional.


Hire us for one service or work with us to create a budget-friendly service bundle for your daily or weekly cleaning needs. There’s no long-term contract as our staff works month to month, which provides an added incentive to keep you happy.

Metro Detroit Commercial Cleaning | Janitorial Services | Office Cleaning

Office cleaning and facility maintenance

All cleaning and maintenance services start with an assessment where we listen to your concerns.

Once we know your needs, our team of professionals are trained to clean to your exact specifications.

Every month, our supervisor will inspect your premises and our customer satisfaction team will be in touch to ensure you're completely satisfied. This guarantees our cleaning professionals always go the extra distance to exceed your expectations.

Metro Detroit Commercial Cleaning | Floor Cleaning Services | Office Cleaning

Day porter services offer many benefits

Our professional uniformed radio carrying day porters offer you flexible daytime maintenance of your business.

Our day porters are hand-picked and we only hire those who are hard-working, responsible, and speak fluent English.

We handle the insurance, liability insurance, workers compensation and we even manage the day porters for you so that you gain an employee without any hassle or extra work.

If you are looking for a professional commercial cleaning company in Southeast Michigan that you can trust, look no further. Call us today at (248) 952-8513 to get more details or fill out our online contact form below!

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